Charles Marquis Warren (1953)

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This western derives considerable force from its depiction of the intense hatred between Charlton Heston, as the army scout who was raised by the Apaches, and Jack Palance as Toriano, the college-educated son of the chief. The government wants peace but Heston is sure the Apaches can't be trusted. While Palance is chillingly ruthless as the hot-headed heir to the tribal throne, Heston remains monotonously grim. The film as a whole, crudely written and directed by Charles Marquis Warren (from the novel Adobe Walls by noted writer WR Burnett), is distinctly unpleasant in the crude way it deals with a delicate subject.


A cavalry scout witnesses a series of raids by an Apache tribe that is supposedly in peace talks - but his superiors reject his story out of hand and dismiss him from duty. Continuing to spy on the tribe, he comes to suspect the chief's son is behind the attacks. Western, starring Charlton Heston, Jack Palance and Katy Jurado.

Cast & Crew

Ed Bannon Charlton Heston
Toriano Jack Palance
Nita Katy Jurado
Capt North Brian Keith
Lee Mary Sinclair
Sandy MacKinnon Milburn Stone
Lt Kirk Richard Shannon
Col Weybright Lewis Martin
Chief Chattez Frank De Kova
Sgt Stone Robert J Wilke
Director Charles Marquis Warren
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Paramount Film Service Ltd