Man in the Saddle

Man in the Saddle

Andre De Toth (1951)

PG Certificate
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Our Score
An excellent Randolph Scott western, with the star somewhat unusually cast in a love triangle involving Joan Leslie and Alexander Knox. John Russell, perhaps better known these days for being the baddie in Rio Bravo and Pale Rider, is a terrific tight-lipped villain and has a great punch-up with Scott, while Ellen Drew's schoolmarm, with whom Randy holes up in the mountains, makes a very sexy other woman. Finely directed by the underrated Andre De Toth, the film contains some marvellous Technicolor night scenes. Great stuff.


A wealthy and ambitious cattleman plans to seize all the land surrounding his own. A peaceful rancher living nearby ignores warnings to sell up and avoid a conflict, and as he suffers a campaign of intimidation, he is forced to adopt violent methods to defend his livelihood. Western, starring Randolph Scott, Alexander Knox, Joan Leslie and Ellen Drew.

Cast & Crew

Owen Merritt Randolph Scott
Will Isham Alexander Knox
Laurie Bidwell Isham Joan Leslie
Nan Melotte Ellen Drew
Fay Dutcher Richard Rober
Hugh Clagg John Russell
Cultus Charley Alfonso Bedoya
Bourke Prine Guinn `Big Boy' Williams
Director Andre De Toth
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Columbia Picture Corp. LtdAvailable on: DVD