Sitting Bull

Sitting Bull

Sidney Salkow (1954)

U Certificate
Mon 8 Jun 1:55pm - 4pm Paramount Network


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Superficially spectacular, this independent production relied on early use of CinemaScope and on hordes of Mexican extras to fill its wide screen, playing both the Indians and the US Cavalry. Something went wrong with the colour, however, while the routine story takes forever to unfold. There's Douglas Kennedy as the usual glory-seeking Custer, Dale Robertson as the honest cavalry major trying to bring about lasting peace, and J Carrol Naish as the dignified, fair-minded Chief Sitting Bull (a part the veteran character actor had played previously in the film version of Annie Get Your Gun). The only real native American around is Iron Eyes Cody as the warrior Crazy Horse.


Fact-based Western chronicling events leading up to the infamous Battle of Little Big Horn, about a cavalry officer striving to stop the vainglorious General Custer taking on the legendary chieftain, only to end up being court-martialled for his efforts. Starring Dale Robertson, Mary Murphy, J Carrol Naish and Iron Eyes Cody.

Cast & Crew

Parrish Dale Robertson
Kathy Mary Murphy
Sitting Bull J Carrol Naish
Crazy Horse Iron Eyes Cody
Gen Howell John Litel
Wentworth Bill Hopper
Col Custer Douglas Kennedy
President Grant John Hamilton
Director Sidney Salkow
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: United Artists Corp. Ltd