Man in the Moon

Man in the Moon

Basil Dearden (1960)

PG Certificate


Our Score
Apart from an amiable performance by Kenneth More as the test pilot whose A1 fitness makes him the ideal candidate to become Britain's first astronaut, this British spoof on the Nasa space programme never leaves the launch pad. Seemingly stuck for ideas, writers Michael Relph and Bryan Forbes fall back on that old plot stand-by, the rival with his nose out of joint, to enliven the scenes of More's training with a few acts of unfunny sabotage while the ultimate destination proves to be anything but the final frontier. Mildly amusing, but hardly out of this world.


A man working as a guinea pig for scientific research is chosen to be the first Brit in space. However, problems arise when the boffins responsible for developing the training programme decide to keep him in the dark about their plan. Events become even more complicated when a jealous rival sets out to throw a spanner in the works. Comedy, starring Kenneth More, Shirley Anne Field, Michael Hordern and Norman Bird.

Cast & Crew

William Blood Kenneth More
Polly Shirley Anne Field
Dr Davidson Michael Hordern
Herbert Norman Bird
Dr Wilmot John Glyn-Jones
Professor Stephens John Phillips
Leo Charles Gray
Rex Bernard Horsfall
Director Basil Dearden
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Rank Film Dists LtdAvailable on: DVD