Night Was Our Friend

Night Was Our Friend

Michael Anderson (1951)

PG Certificate


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Michael Gough became a household name thanks to playing Bruce Wayne's butler Alfred in the Tim Burton Batman films. But this dowdy little drama from his dim and distant past is one picture he'd probably prefer to forget. Long believed to have perished in the Brazilian jungle, he returns to haunt wife Elizabeth Sellars and her new beau Ronald Howard. Adapted by Michael Pertwee from his own play, this was one of director Michael Anderson's earliest features - within five years he would have The Dam Busters, 1984 and Around the World in 80 Days under his belt. From little seeds...


A man is assumed dead after his plane crashes in the jungle. He returns to civilisation driven to the edge of madness by his ordeal, only to find his wife has remarried. While she tries to comfort him, he plots revenge by committing suicide and making it seem as if she killed him. Drama, starring Michael Gough and Elizabeth Sellars.

Cast & Crew

Martin Raynor Michael Gough
Sally Raynor Elizabeth Sellars
Dr John Harper Ronald Howard
Emily Raynor Marie Ney
Arthur Glenville Edward Lexy
Kate Nora Gordon
Mr Lloyd John Salew
Director Michael Anderson
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Monarch Film Corp LtdAvailable on: DVD