The Oklahoman

The Oklahoman

Francis D Lyon (1957)

U Certificate


Our Score
Allied Artists made its budgetary intentions for this western clear by casting a too-old Joel McCrea in the lead opposite Barbara Hale (Della Street from TV's Perry Mason), and then spending nothing on the latter's wardrobe (watch very closely). The screenplay's nothing either, as doctor McCrea befriends a native American girl and her father and upsets some of the townsfolk in the process. Director Francis D Lyon was a superb editor (Rembrandt, Things to Come, Body and Soul), but became a director of truly staggering mediocrity.


A kindly doctor whose wife died in childbirth makes a new home for himself and his baby daughter in a backwater town. He tries to protect a local Native American village from a greedy rancher trying to take their land, leading him into a fatal confrontation. Western, starring Joel McCrea and Barbara Hale.

Cast & Crew

Dr John Brighton Joel McCrea
Ann Barnes Barbara Hale
Cass Dobie Brad Dexter
Maria Smith Gloria Talbott
Charlie Smith Michael Pate
Mrs Waynebrooke Verna Felton
Mel Dobie Douglas Dick
Jim Hawk Anthony Caruso
Director Francis D Lyon
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Panton Film Dists Ltd