The Tin Star

The Tin Star

Anthony Mann (1957)

PG Certificate


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Here's a real western, a sturdy, finely wrought work from masters of the genre in their prime, with lawman-turned-bounty hunter Henry Fonda helping young sheriff Anthony Perkins to hold down his job in a town ravaged by outlaws. Written by Dudley Nichols (Stagecoach) and Oscar-nominated for best story and screenplay, it's directed by maestro Anthony Mann, who takes a linear, classic and deliberately under-emphatic approach, allowing the setting and characters to tell the story. Mann eschews false High Noon ethics and really understands the essence of heroism. The support cast includes faces that belong out West - Lee Van Cleef, John McIntire and the superb Neville Brand. This is an underrated, must-see experience.


A world-weary bounty hunter, formerly a sheriff, arrives in a small town where a newly-appointed lawman is struggling to keep the peace. When he learns of the mercenary's past, the inexperienced lawman seeks his help in learning the tricks of the trade so he can bring an outlaw gang to justice. Anthony Mann's Western, starring Henry Fonda, Anthony Perkins, Lee Van Cleef, Betsy Palmer and Michel Ray.

Cast & Crew

Morg Hickman Henry Fonda
Sheriff Ben Owens Anthony Perkins
Ed McGaffey Lee Van Cleef
Nona Mayfield Betsy Palmer
Kip Mayfield Michel Ray
Bart Bogardus Neville Brand
Dr Jacob McCord John McIntire
Millie Parker Mary Webster
Director Anthony Mann
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Paramount Film Service LtdGuidance: Some violenceAvailable on: DVD