Gore Verbinski (2011)

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A word to the wise. The pop-eyed poster may scream "child-friendly", but much of Rango's humour, its angsty introspection and its wealth of western clichés may well go right over younger heads. One thing is for sure, though - this is one weird western. Johnny Depp voices Rango, a self-questioning chameleon who winds up sheriff of a drought-stricken town in a "critterised" Wild West that oddly, and no doubt metaphorically, sits cheek by jowl with a modern-day world of humans, motorways and big cities. In the critterised world, sombrero-wearing owls play mariachi music, moles and rats rob banks, and pesky varmints are, well, pesky varmints: rattlers, gila monsters and the like. Both worlds are computer-generated, but blissfully 3D-free. Gore Verbinski, Depp's director in the Pirates of the Caribbean films, leaves no cowboy cliché unmined. When he exhausts them, he resorts to visual references to other genre films, presumably just because he can. So watch out for nods to Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Apocalypse Now - even Godzilla and one of the "Caribbean" movies. It's all technically brilliant, but maybe lacking a little in charm and true wit.


A pet chameleon with an active imagination ends up lost in the desert. He makes his way to a lawless town of animals, where he is mistaken for a deadly gunslinger and made sheriff. He organises the townsfolk into a posse when bandits led by an evil rattlesnake steal their supply of water. Oscar-winning animated comedy, with the voices of Johnny Depp, Isla Fisher and Bill Nighy.

Cast & Crew

Rango/Lars Johnny Depp
Beans Isla Fisher
Rattlesnake Jake Bill Nighy
Priscilla Abigail Breslin
Mayor Ned Beatty
Roadkill Alfred Molina
Balthazar Harry Dean Stanton
Spirit of the West Timothy Olyphant
Ambrose Ian Abercrombie
Director Gore Verbinski
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: ParamountAvailable on: DVD and Blu-rayReleased on: 4 Mar 2011
Comedy Drama