It Came from Outer Space II

It Came from Outer Space II

Roger Duchowny (1996)

PG Certificate


Our Score
This lacklustre update of Jack Arnold's 1953 classic has Brian Kerwin witnessing the arrival of the aliens while on a desert photo assignment. It's not too long before the blue rocks scattered from the spacecraft are causing havoc in the local community, where the townsfolk are being replicated by the extraterrestrials. Just to add to the fun, the temperatures are soaring and the water supply is disappearing. Proof positive that 40 years of technical advances can't compensate for poor production values, boring characters and a complete lack of thrills. File this under "don't bother".


The people of a small town are less than welcoming when a former resident returns. He and a beleaguered youngster are the only ones who realise what is happening when their neighbours start behaving oddly, and the power suddenly goes off - aliens have landed, and are trying to seize control of their minds. Sci-fi sequel, with Elizabeth Pena and Brian Kerwin.

Cast & Crew

Ellen Fields Elizabeth Pena
Jack Putnam Brian Kerwin
Carolee Minter Lauren Tewes
Ben Cully Howard Morris
Roy Minter Bill McKinney
Alan Paxson Adrian Sparks
Chance Madson Mickey Jones
Stevie Fields Jonathan Carrasco
Director Roger Duchowny
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video