Amityville II: the Possession

Amityville II: the Possession

Damiano Damiani (1982)

18 Certificate


Our Score
Much better overall than the dull first outing, this prequel to the original version of The Amityville Horror is given a neat European atmosphere by Italian director Damiano Damiani. It tells the full story of the vicious multiple murders that happened a year prior to the Lutz family's infamous tenancy-turned-bestselling book. Standard haunted-house shocks are combined with prowling camerawork for maximum involvement leading up to the menacing moments when possessed Jack Magner goes on his eerie mass-murder binge. Unusual imagery and spectacular make-up special effects place this handsomely crafted effort a cut above normal exploitation fare.


A dysfunctional family moves into the infamous Long Island property, where the teenage son falls under the influence of sinister forces, causing him to form an incestuous relationship with his sister and ending in a frenzy of murder. The authorities look on the boy as a cold-blooded killer, but a kindly priest knows he is not responsible and battles to save his soul. Horror prequel, with Burt Young, Jack Magner and James Olson.

Cast & Crew

Anthony Montelli Burt Young
Dolores Montelli Rutanya Alda
Father Adamsky James Olson
Turner Moses Gunn
Sonny Montelli Jack Magner
Patricia Montelli Diane Franklin
Father Tom Andrew Prine
Mr Booth Ted Ross
Chancellor Leonardo Cimino
Director Damiano Damiani
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Columbia-Emi-Warner Dists LtdGuidance: Edited for some of its violence, contains swearing.Available on: video and DVD