Zoltan Korda (1943)

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Humphrey Bogart spent most of the war years playing loners in civilian clothes, who stuck their necks out for no one until Lauren Bacall or Ingrid Bergman forced them to take sides. It is something of a surprise, therefore, to find him here as a resourceful army sergeant who leads a bunch of no-hopers across the desert in a dilapidated tank, dodging Nazis as they search for a waterhole. Directed by Zoltan Korda, co-written by John Howard Lawson (later blacklisted in the communist witch-hunt), shot by Rudolph Maté and scored by Miklos Rozsa, this boasts solid talent behind the camera and a lot of derring-do in front of it.


An American tank crew get lost in the desert during the retreat from El Alamein and face a desperate race against time to reach a source of water in an abandoned fortress - only to discover the Nazis are heading for the same location. Second World War melodrama which is all the more effective thanks to the straightforward nature of the plot and action. Humphrey Bogart, J Carrol Naish, Dan Duryea and Rex Ingram are among the excellent cast.

Cast & Crew

Sgt Joe Gunn Humphrey Bogart
Giuseppe J Carrol Naish
Jimmy Doyle Dan Duryea
Sgt Tambul Rex Ingram
Ozzie Bates Patrick O'Moore
Fred Clarkson Lloyd Bridges
Waco Hoyt Bruce Bennett
Capt Jason Halliday Richard Nugent
Director Zoltan Korda
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Language: EnglishBlack and whiteAvailable on: video and DVD