The Way to the Stars

The Way to the Stars

Anthony Asquith (1945)

U Certificate


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This well-judged Second World War drama concerns the stiff-upper-lipped activities of an RAF squadron, and its members' relationships with their loved ones and the flashy flyboys who have recently arrived from America. The first joint project of what became the regular team of director Anthony Asquith, producer Anatole de Grunwald and writer Terence Rattigan perfectly captures the spirit of Britain at a time when loss was perhaps even more agonising, simply because victory was so close at hand. Michael Redgrave and Rosamund John are straight out of the Noël Coward school of British bourgeoisie, but John Mills and Renée Asherson are closer to reality as the couple dallying over a wartime wedding.


A naive young pilot is assigned to a British bomber base during the Second World War, and is involved in the opening skirmishes of the Battle of Britain. He encounters the first wave of American recruits to the Allies, and falls for a local girl - but when his squadron leader is killed leaving a wife and child behind, he questions whether he can afford to marry. Drama, starring John Mills and Michael Redgrave.

Cast & Crew

Peter Penrose John Mills
David Archdale Michael Redgrave
Miss Toddy Todd Rosamund John
Iris Winterton Renee Asherson
Mr Palmer Stanley Holloway
Johnny Hollis Douglass Montgomery
Rev Charles Moss Felix Aylmer
Tiny Williams Basil Radford
Joe Friselli Bonar Colleano
Squadron Leader Sil Carter Trevor Howard
Director Anthony Asquith
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteAvailable on: video and DVD