Steel Sharks

Steel Sharks

Rodney McDonald (1996)

15 Certificate


Our Score
In straight-to-video land, the submarine has become a popular setting for action thrillers. That's presumably because as long as the action takes place inside the sub, there's not much needed in the way of sets, while there's plenty of stock footage available for the bigger action scenes. This example is pretty much par for the course, with a special forces outfit on a mission to the Middle East being captured and held captive in an enemy sub. As they attempt to seize control of the craft from the inside, a US sub commanded by Gary Busey begins a dangerous game of cat and mouse. Meanwhile, Billy Dee Williams frets away as the admiral in charge of the operation: unnecessary, really, because the plodding script and direction means the outcome is never in doubt.


A Navy Seal team leap into action to save a kidnapped scientist, but the operation does not go as smoothly as planned and they are taken hostage by enemy forces. Action adventure, starring Gary Busey, Billy Dee Williams, Barry Livingston and Billy Warlock.

Cast & Crew

Bill McKay Gary Busey
Jim Perry Billy Dee Williams
John Van Tasset Barry Livingston
Bob Rogers Billy Warlock
Reza Lashgar Shaun Toub
Gregorov Robert Miranda
Dave Zamborski David Roberson
Cord Tim Abell
Mattox Matthew St Patrick
Director Rodney McDonald
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColour