Boot Hill

Boot Hill

Giuseppe Colizzi (1969)

PG Certificate


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As the vogue for spaghetti westerns began to wane, Italian actors Mario Girotti and Carlo Pedersoli created a subgenre based on the new-found traditions, effectively imitating the imitators. They gave themselves the American-sounding names of Terence Hill and Bud Spencer respectively, and became immensely popular (and rich) primarily for a series of films featuring "Trinity" or "Nobody" in its titles. This movie pre-dates those, and Hill and Spencer haven't quite discovered the knockabout style that endeared them to unsophisticated audiences on Saturday nights all over Europe. Non-fans will find the inept dubbing and poor story structure irritating, but others won't care.


A greedy and corrupt businessman rules over a prospecting town, claiming ownership over the gold-rich land and using violence to keep the locals in line. Help comes from an unlikely source when two gunslingers join forces with a travelling circus to free the townsfolk from his control. Comedy Western, starring Terence Hill and Bud Spencer, with Woody Strode and Victor Buono.

Cast & Crew

Cat Stevens Terence Hill
Arch Hutch Bessy Bud Spencer
Thomas Woody Strode
Honey Fisher Victor Buono
Judge Boone Eduardo Ciannelli
Baby Doll George Eastman
Hans Alberto Dell'Acqua
Franz Nazzareno Zamperla
Director Giuseppe Colizzi
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Other Information

Language: Italian dubbedColourAvailable on: video
Comedy Drama