The Big Sky

The Big Sky

Howard Hawks (1952)

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In this eventful epic western, directed with flair by maestro Howard Hawks, Kirk Douglas plays the tough Kentucky mountain man who joins an expedition along the Missouri river in the pioneering days of the 1830s. Good though he is, Douglas looks too urbane, not to mention intense, for this particular role, while co-stars Elizabeth Threatt (her only movie), Dewey Martin (who appeared in The Thing from Another World, a film Hawks produced the previous year) and Arthur Hunnicutt (no real substitute for Hawks regular Walter Brennan) are, sadly, not up to the splendour of Dudley Nichols's fine screenplay. There's a problem of taste, too - the finger amputation scene is played for laughs - but the film overall is so satisfying - and beautifully photographed - you'll forgive its faults.


Two frontiersmen guide a party of fur traders through territory occupied by a hostile Blackfoot tribe. The leader of the party intends to win the trust of the tribe by returning a missing princess to her people, but rival traders and conflict within the group threaten the expedition. Western, starring Kirk Douglas, Dewey Martin and Elizabeth Threatt.

Cast & Crew

Jim Deakins Kirk Douglas
Boone Caudill Dewey Martin
Zeb Arthur Hunnicutt
Teal Eye Elizabeth Threatt
Jourdonnais Steven Geray
Romaine Buddy Baer
Poordevil Hank Worden
Streak Jim Davis
Ladadie Henri Letondal
Director Howard Hawks
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: R.K.O. Radio Pictures LtdAvailable on: video and DVD