Ice Twisters

Ice Twisters

Steven R Monroe (2009)

12 Certificate
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Our Score
You may find yourself entertained for all the wrong reasons watching this goofy, made-for-TV disaster yarn. A bargain-basement mix of Twister and The Day after Tomorrow, it sees US meteorological boffin-turned-sci-fi author Mark Moses (from TV's Desperate Housewives) left to devise a solution when federal rain manipulation experiments start producing the sort of weather catastrophes fictionalised in his novels. Lots of cod science and enjoyably ridiculous dialogue follow, as he and the rest of the over-earnest cast respond unrealistically to the increasingly far-fetched events. Predictably poor special effects and a gung-ho soundtrack complete the checklist of B-movie clichés, and help turn even tragic scenes into an unintentional giggle.


An experiment using liquid nitrogen to induce rain in the drought-ravaged Pacific Northwest goes horribly wrong and creates tornados that scatter deadly shards of ice. As scientists struggle to stop the phenomenon, an author suggests a solution that has not been considered. Sci-fi thriller, starring Mark Moses, Camille Sullivan, Kaj-Erik Eriksen and Alex Zahara.

Cast & Crew

Charlie Price Mark Moses
Joanne Dyson Camille Sullivan
Eric Kaj-Erik Eriksen
Damon Alex Zahara
Ashley Luisa D'Oliveira
Gary Ryan Kennedy
Nora Elman Chelan Simmons
Frank O'Neil Clem Maloney
Director Steven R Monroe
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Edited for violence.