Mark Tonderai (2008)

15 Certificate


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Former Radio 1 DJ Mark Tonderai makes his feature debut as writer and director with this gritty, low-budget road thriller. It follows the misadventures of frustrated writer Zakes Abbot (a sulky yet likeable Will Ash), who gets caught up in a night-time game of cat and mouse after his girlfriend Beth (Christine Bottomley) is kidnapped at a service station on the M1. Tonderai raises the stakes with a touch of relationship drama, but the film works best when tapping into primal fears. The truck-driving kidnapper (Andreas Wisniewski) moves through the shadows, his face unseen, and leads Zakes into a mysterious world of forested slip roads and lay-bys. A scene involving a stop at a country house and the final showdown feel a little contrived and slacken the tension, but for the most part it's a lean, efficient film that benefits from having a morally conflicted hero.


A motorist travelling by night with his girlfriend nearly crashes into a van on the M1, and as it drives off he sees a badly beaten woman tied up in the back. Stopping at a service station, he panics when his girlfriend disappears and becomes convinced the van driver has abducted her as well. Thriller, starring William Ash, Christine Bottomley and Andreas Wisniewski.

Cast & Crew

Zakes Abbot William Ash
Beth Christine Bottomley
The Tarman Andreas Wisniewski
Wendy Claire Keelan
Thorpe Stuart McQuarrie
Chimponda Robbie Gee
Mr Coates Peter Wyatt
Mrs Coates Sheila Reid
Director Mark Tonderai
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: OptimumGuidance: Violence and swearing.Available on: DVD and Blu-rayReleased on: 13 Mar 2009