A Kid for Two Farthings

A Kid for Two Farthings

Carol Reed (1955)

U Certificate


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Influenced by the neorealist fantasies of Italian director Vittorio De Sica, this is a delightful urban fairy tale set in London's East End in the harsh days after the Second World War. Adapted from his own novel by Wolf Mankowitz, the story of a small boy who finds a one-horned goat that he is convinced is a miracle-working unicorn is handled with a wonderfully light touch by director Carol Reed and beautifully played by a cast in which Celia Johnson, Diana Dors and little Jonathan Ashmore stand out. Yet, for all its charm and feel-good sentimentality, the blend of realism and fantasy is not always convincing.


A six-year-old boy from London's East End is fascinated by the stories of an elderly neighbour, who tells him about the strange powers of the mythical unicorn. The lad sets out to find such a magical beast, only to encounter a single-horned goat. Certain he has found the creature he was looking for, he takes it home - and sets about trying to make wishes come true. Drama, with Jonathan Ashmore, Celia Johnson, Diana Dors and David Kossoff.

Cast & Crew

Joe Jonathan Ashmore
Joanne Celia Johnson
Sonia Diana Dors
Kandinsky David Kossoff
`Lady' Ruby Brenda de Banzie
Sam Joe Robinson
Mimi Vera Day
Python Macklin Primo Carnera
Director Carol Reed
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Independent Film Dist LtdAvailable on: DVD