Diamond Dogs

Diamond Dogs

Shimon Dotan (2007)

15 Certificate
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By-the-numbers action adventure in which disgraced former soldier Dolph Lundgren leads a team into Mongolia to snatch a Buddhist artefact.


A former soldier fallen on hard times is offered the chance to clear his debts by an art collector. To earn it, he'll have to lead an expedition on a perilous journey through Mongolia's mountains in search of a legendary Buddhist artefact believed to have supernatural powers, and battle a band of mercenaries determined to get to the treasure first. Action adventure, starring Dolph Lundgren and Yu Nan.

Cast & Crew

Xander Ronson Dolph Lundgren
Anika Yu Nan
Ang Shaw Xue Zuren
Chambers William Shriver
Zhukov Raicho Vasilev
Sonia Noming
Steve Gabriel Alejandro Carrillo
Director Shimon Dotan
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Other Information

Language: English / MandarinColourAvailable on: DVD