During One Night

During One Night

Sidney J Furie (1961)

15 Certificate


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This Second World War drama from Sidney J Furie was bold in its day for exploring the then taboo topics of virginity and impotence. Don Borisenko plays a USAF pilot whose buddy is castrated during a mission, leading him to go AWOL in an attempt to lose his virginity. Reduced to impotence through trauma, he eventually finds hope in his quest in the form of young Susan Hampshire, but not before a brutal encounter with the military police.


A naive American Air Force serviceman serving in the Second World War becomes obsessed with losing his virginity after a fellow airman suffers a horrific accident. He deserts his post in search of a woman to satisfy his desires. Drama, starring Don Borisenko, Susan Hampshire, Graydon Gould and Tom Busby.

Cast & Crew

David Don Borisenko
Jean Susan Hampshire
Mike Graydon Gould
Sam Tom Busby
Harry Alan Gibson
Jean's mother Barbara Ogilvie
Major Sean Sullivan
Prostitute Joy Webster
Director Sidney J Furie
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteGuidance: Contains nudity.Available on: DVD