Sweeney Todd: the Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Sweeney Todd: the Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Tim Burton (2007)

18 Certificate


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After making dark Gothic fantasies like Sleepy Hollow and Corpse Bride, Tim Burton puts his unique stamp on Stephen Sondheim's award-winning Broadway musical. Johnny Depp stars as the barber of the title who takes (very, very) bloody revenge on the men who wronged his family, before serving up their remains in meat pies made by his partner in crime Mrs Lovett (Helena Bonham Carter). Few musicals have tackled such a dark theme or have boasted such a distinctive look, as Dickensian London is given an Addams Family-style twist. The Oscar-winning production design is astoundingly detailed and Burton turns the sets and costumes into a near-monochrome palette of blacks and greys - the perfect contrast to the arterial spray from Todd's cut-throat razor. Neither Depp nor Bonham Carter is a trained vocalist, but both tackle Sondheim's musical numbers with gusto, not to mention entertaining cockney accents. Easily one of Burton's most deftly realised films, this macabre musical is to die for.


A Victorian barber returns to London after imprisonment in Australia and seeks revenge on the man who parted him from his wife and daughter. But his lust for vengeance turns into a hatred of all humanity, leading to the indiscriminate slaughter of his customers - while his pie-maker accomplice comes up with a gruesome way to dispose of the bodies. Tim Burton's adaptation of Stephen Sondheim's musical horror, with Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Alan Rickman and Timothy Spall.

Cast & Crew

Benjamin Barker/Sweeney Todd Johnny Depp
Mrs Lovett Helena Bonham Carter
Judge Turpin Alan Rickman
Beadle Bamford Timothy Spall
Signor Pirelli Sacha Baron Cohen
Toby Ed Sanders
Anthony Hope Jamie Campbell Bower
Johanna Jayne Wisener
Director Tim Burton
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Warner BrosGuidance: Violence.Available on: DVD and Blu-ray
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