Living with the Enemy

Living with the Enemy

Philippe Gagnon (2005)

PG Certificate
Fri 29 Jun 9am - 10:50am Sony Movie Channel


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A whirlwind romance leads to disturbing discoveries in this contrived but watchable thriller. Sarah Lancaster stars as the lowly personal assistant whose ultra-swift marriage to software billionaire Mark Humphrey quickly tarnishes when she starts snooping into the fate of his late former wife. Though all her poking around is rather far-fetched and visually undynamic, a sinister soundtrack and enjoyably deceptive supporting performances create an atmosphere of intrigue and unease. Humphrey is particularly good as Lancaster's success-obsessed hubby, mixing charm with a dash of creepiness that keeps his part in the deadly events uncertain throughout. Consequently, there are a few surprises in the twisting finale, even if their execution is underwhelming.


A woman marries a widowed billionaire after a whirlwind romance, but is shocked to learn his first wife was murdered by kidnappers and that she will have to learn to live with elaborate security measures as a result. However, the more she gets to know her husband, the more she begins to suspect he is concealing the truth about her predecessor's fate. Thriller, with Sarah Lancaster and Mark Humphrey.

Cast & Crew

Allison Conner Lauder Sarah Lancaster
Phillip Lauder Mark Humphrey
Houston Edwards David McIlwraith
Bev Wallach Maxim Roy
Roger Kern Andrew Johnston
Cristina Campbell Angela Galuppo
Tonya Susan Glover
Dorn David Gow
Director Philippe Gagnon
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Violence and a sex scene.