Penny Gold

Penny Gold

Jack Cardiff (1973)

12 Certificate


Our Score
Never trust a twin sister if she looks like Francesca Annis and behaves with such suspicion-inviting self consciousness, especially as her sibling's been found dead. Director Jack Cardiff, taking time off from being one of British cinema's great cameramen, just couldn't come to terms with this thriller about up-market stamp dealing. The film lacks credibility, and the flashback structure employed to examine the jet-set lifestyle of the dead girl would have looked dated even back in the 1970s.


A dead body is discovered close to Windsor Castle. A detective assigned to crack the case discovers a connection with a criminal scheme to steal a priceless rare stamp, and encounters the victim's identical twin sister, who has a mysterious part to play in both crimes. Thriller, starring James Booth, Francesca Annis and Joss Ackland.

Cast & Crew

DCI Matthews James Booth
Delphi Emerson/Diane Emerson Francesca Annis
Det Roger Sullivan Nicky Henson
Jones Joss Ackland
Claude Grancourt Richard Heffer
Charles Blachford Joseph O'Conor
Anna Una Stubbs
Dr Merrick George Murcell
Director Jack Cardiff
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Scotia BarberGuidance: Some violence.