Terry Cunningham (2006)

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Tue 3 Nov 7:10pm - 8:05pm Sony Movies Action
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There are echoes of Armageddon in this daft and cliché-riddled sci-fi thriller, in which Earth's future is threatened when a huge asteroid destabilises the Moon. Enter demolitions expert Stephen Baldwin, who, after barely establishing his professional credentials in an overdone opening sequence, preposterously becomes humanity's only salvation from going "the way of the dinosaurs". Poor effects and nonchalant acting compound the narrative's lack of realism, making the supposedly dramatic events feel underwhelming and leaving it to the increasingly frenzied score to create tension. B-movie lovers might get a kick out of some of the hilarious dialogue and implausible science, but there's not enough here to encourage anyone else to bother watching.


A comet smashes into the moon, causing devastating changes to tidal movements across the world. However, scientists discover this is only the beginning, as the entire structure of the moon is breaking apart, threatening all life on Earth - so a demolitions expert is sent to avert disaster. Sci-fi adventure, starring Stephen Baldwin, Dirk Benedict and Amy Price-Francis.

Cast & Crew

John Redding Stephen Baldwin
Victor Stevens Dirk Benedict
Dr Lana Gale Amy Price-Francis
Albert Matt Gordon
Dr Garth Pender John Ralston
Bryna Anna Silk
Tony Jason Blicker
Will Conrad Coates
Director Terry Cunningham
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Language: EnglishColour