The Quiet Woman

The Quiet Woman

John Gilling (1950)

PG Certificate
Mon 15 Jun 5:30pm - 7pm Talking Pictures TV


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John Gilling was a vital cog in the conveyor belt that churned out quota quickie-style films in the 1950s. He wrote and directed this feeble thriller, which seems to have been arrived at by rearranging the basic plot elements of Jean Renoir's The Woman on the Beach and depositing them haphazardly in the Romney Marshes. Jane Hylton stars as the woman whose fresh start is threatened when her jailbird ex-husband arrives on her doorstep demanding shelter. Romantic entanglements and a smuggling subplot can't save the picture from sinking deservedly into the mire.


A bar owner falls for a smuggler, and allows him to use her establishment as a safe house - but a rival threatens to expose her. Crime drama, starring Derek Bond and Jane Hylton.

Cast & Crew

Duncan McLeod Derek Bond
Jane Foster Jane Hylton
Elsie Dora Bryan
Director John Gilling

Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Tempean Films LtdAvailable on: DVD