The Body Stealers

The Body Stealers

Gerry Levy (1969)

X Certificate
Friday 4pm - 5:50pm Horror Channel
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Sat 15 May, 8am - 9:50am Horror Channel


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Parachutists pass through a red mist and disappear into thin air. And before long you will, too! Is there any point in sticking around to find out it's alien Maurice Evans putting sky divers in suspended animation and substituting duplicates? Not really. A shame top agents Patrick Allen and Neil Connery (Sean's kid brother) don't reach the same conclusion after investigating a top-secret space research lab, in this talky, laughably low-budget and hopelessly inept clone of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. What was George Sanders thinking of when he agreed to appear in this sci-fi belly flop?


Two military investigators try to crack the case of a paratrooper who disappeared without trace in mid-air - and stumble on a sinister alien plot. Sci-fi thriller, starring Maurice Evans, George Sanders and Neil Connery.

Cast & Crew

General Armstrong George Sanders
Dr Matthews Maurice Evans
Bob Megan Patrick Allen
Jim Radford Neil Connery
Julie Slade Hilary Dwyer
WC Baldwin Robert Flemyng
Lorna Lorna Wilde
Hindesmith Allan Cuthbertson
Lieutenant Bailes Michael Culver
Joanna Sally Faulkner
Mrs Thatcher Shelagh Fraser
Director Gerry Levy
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Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: DVD