The Las Vegas Story

The Las Vegas Story

Robert Stevenson (1952)

PG Certificate
Tue 14 Jul 9:20am - 11:05am Sony Movies Action


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There's no real chemistry between Jane Russell and former flame Victor Mature in this routine RKO caper, which involves a phoney murder plot set in a patently studio-bound Las Vegas. Russell performs as though there's no tomorrow, while troupers Vincent Price and Hoagy Carmichael provide professional support, but there's no denying that this film is far from their best. Director Robert Stevenson does what he can with the resolutely substandard screenplay, but he's better remembered for films such as Mary Poppins and the Orson Welles version of Jane Eyre. Watch for an early appearance from Brad Dexter, the one member of the original 1960 Magnificent Seven that nobody usually remembers.


A former showgirl returns to her roots in Las Vegas, where she is reunited with a policeman she once loved. As her husband's gambling gets steadily out of control, all three are drawn into robbery and murder in the criminal underbelly of the gambling capital. Drama, starring Jane Russell, Victor Mature and Vincent Price.

Cast & Crew

Linda Rollins Jane Russell
Lt Dave Andrews Victor Mature
Lloyd Rollins Vincent Price
Happy Hoagy Carmichael
Thomas Hubler Brad Dexter
Drucker Gordon Oliver
Harris Jay C Flippen
Miller Robert Wilke
Director Robert Stevenson
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: R.K.O. Radio Pictures Ltd