Battle of the Coral Sea

Battle of the Coral Sea

Paul Wendkos (1959)

PG Certificate


Our Score
This numbingly predictable war movie from director Paul Wendkos has a rather a misleading title, as much of the action takes place in a PoW camp. Cliff Robertson's submarine captain is one of the dullest heroes ever to turn the tables on his captors. There's plenty of square-jawed defiance, but not enough humanity to make us care whether he gets back to his commanders in time to report on Japanese shipping movements prior to the key 1942 battle. Gia Scala's Eurasian heroine is a mere cypher, but she's accorded more dignity than Teru Shimada, who is presented as a fanatical stereotype.


A submarine commander and his crew are captured by the Japanese while on a reconaissance mission. He plans to escape so he can return the intelligence he has gathered to the US fleet, but when an interpreter offers to help him, he is not sure she can be trusted. Second World War drama, starring Cliff Robertson and Gia Scala.

Cast & Crew

Lt Cdr Jeff Conway Cliff Robertson
Karen Philips Gia Scala
Cdr Mori Teru Shimada
Lt Peg Whitcomb Patricia Cutts
Al Schechter Rian Garrick
Lt Len Ross Gene Blakely
Yeoman Halliday LQ Jones
Maj Jammy Harris Robin Hughes
Director Paul Wendkos
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteAvailable on: video