Pacific Heights

Pacific Heights

John Schlesinger (1990)

15 Certificate
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After the gung-ho heroics of Batman, Michael Keaton obviously needed a break and here he enjoys himself immensely as the tenant from hell, who turns the lives of nice yuppie couple Matthew Modine and Melanie Griffith into a nightmare. It's a little hard to summon up much sympathy for a landlord, and it must be said that the story just gets sillier as the film progresses. However, director John Schlesinger is an old hand when it comes to this sort of thing and Keaton delivers a genuinely creepy performance. There's also strong support from Laurie Metcalf, and a minor role for Griffith's mother Tippi Hedren, best known for her roles in Hitchcock's The Birds and Marnie.


A couple buy their dream house and rent out a flat to a well-off bachelor who turns out to be the tenant from hell. He subjects them to a campaign of terror in a ploy to force them off the property - while the law appears to be always on his side. Psychological thriller, starring Michael Keaton, Melanie Griffith, Matthew Modine and Tippi Hedren.

Cast & Crew

Carter Hayes Michael Keaton
Patty Palmer Melanie Griffith
Drake Goodman Matthew Modine
Stephanie MacDonald Laurie Metcalf
Dennis Reed Dorian Harewood
Florence Peters Tippi Hedren
Toshio Watanabe Mako
Mira Watanabe Nabu McCarthy
Director John Schlesinger
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Violence, swearing, nudity. Available on: video