The Next Three Days

The Next Three Days

Paul Haggis (2010)

12 Certificate


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After his wife Lara (Elizabeth Banks) is convicted for a murder she says she didn't commit, mild-mannered academic John Brennan (Russell Crowe) determines to break her out of the maximum security jail in which she is incarcerated. What follows is a kind of escape procedural, with director Paul Haggis delivering a host of interesting details about lock-picking and the faking of passports. But what really happened on the night that Lara's boss was killed, and is John setting free a cold-blooded murderer? Cinematographer Stéphane Fontaine shoots the city of Philadelphia with a pleasingly grey grittiness and Crowe is serviceable, if unsurprising, as the driven husband. But the movie - freely adapted from the French thriller Anything for Her - is peppered with promising characters who turn up only to vanish again, and what could have been it's real strength - the innocence or otherwise of Lara - isn't exploited nearly as effectively as it could have been.


A professor's wife is imprisoned for murdering her boss. Her distraught husband desperately tries to prove her innocence, but every attempt to get her released by legal means fails. When he learns she is contemplating suicide, he seeks the aid of a notorious prison escapee in organising a break-out. Drama, starring Russell Crowe, Elizabeth Banks and Liam Neeson.

Cast & Crew

John Brennan Russell Crowe
Lara Brennan Elizabeth Banks
Damon Pennington Liam Neeson
Mick Brennan Michael Buie
Erit Moran Atias
Meyer Fisk Daniel Stern
George Brennan Brian Dennehy
Nicole Olivia Wilde
Director Paul Haggis
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: LionsgateGuidance: Violence, swearing. Available on: DVD and Blu-rayReleased on: 24 Dec 2010