Meteor Apocalypse

Meteor Apocalypse

Micho Rutare (2010)

PG Certificate
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A gigantic meteor enters Earth's orbit and begins to disintegrate, raining space debris across the globe. Los Angeles is destined to be destroyed within three days, leaving one man in a race against time to find his wife and son before it is too late. Sci-fi thriller, starring Joe Lando, Claudia Christian, Cooper Harris, Brendan Bradley, Sueann Han and Gregory Paul Smith.

Cast & Crew

David Dematti Joe Lando
Kate Dematti Claudia Christian
Lynn Leigh Cooper Harris
Curtis Langley Brendan Bradley
Candace Mills Sueann Han
Damien Gregory Paul Smith
Alison DeMatti Madison McLaughlin
Madeline Jennifer Smart
Director Micho Rutare
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColour