A Christmas Carol: the Musical

A Christmas Carol: the Musical

Arthur Allan Seidelman (2004)

PG Certificate


Our Score
Despite the fact that it was produced by the ever-saccharine Hallmark company, there's something rather crude about this musical adaptation of Charles Dickens's story. Traditionalists and those fond of Ronald Neame's spirited Leslie Bricusse-scored Scrooge (1970) will wince at the sight of Jane Krakowski gyrating around Kelsey Grammer's bed as the Ghost of Christmas Past. The shoddiness of the special effects further detracts from any sense of ethereality that has survived the cast's game attempts at singing. There are plenty of familiar faces here, including Jason Alexander, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Geraldine Chaplin, but they're marooned by this poor festive fare.


A mean-spirited miser is determined to ensure no one enjoys the festive season - until a Christmas Eve visit by a series of ghosts reveals his past, present and the future, with the intention of showing him the error of his cruel ways. Musical based on the Dickens story, starring Kelsey Grammer, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jason Alexander, Jane Krakowski and Jesse L Martin.

Cast & Crew

Ebenezer Scrooge Kelsey Grammer
Emily Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jacob Marley/Marley's ghost Jason Alexander
Ghost of Christmas Present/Ticket seller Jesse L Martin
Ghost of Christmas Past/Streetlamp lighter Jane Krakowski
Young Ebenezer Scrooge Steven Miller
Chest-in-Safe Ghost Patrick David
Ghost of Christmas Future Geraldine Chaplin
Tiny Tim Jacob Moriarty
Bob Cratchit Edward Gower
Director Arthur Allan Seidelman
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Other Information

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