The Gorbals Story

The Gorbals Story

David MacKane (1949)

PG Certificate


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During its golden age Hollywood made films with titles such as The Philadelphia Story and The Palm Beach Story. With the greatest respect, The Gorbals Story hardly arouses the same level of expectation. This is a grim affair in which Glaswegian artist Howard Connell recalls the tough tenement existence that not only shaped his talent, but almost drove him to murder. Adapted by director David MacKane from Robert McLeish's play, the film strives valiantly for authenticity, but the social message is badly fumbled and the performances highly theatrical.


A successful artist looks back on his formative years living in a tenement building in a rough area of Glasgow. Drama, starring Howard Connell and Marjorie Thompson.

Cast & Crew

Willie Mutrie Howard Connell
Jean Mutrie Marjorie Thompson
Peggie Anderson Betty Henderson
Director David MacKane

Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteAvailable on: DVD and Blu-ray