William & Catherine: a Royal Romance

William & Catherine: a Royal Romance

Linda Yellen (2011)

PG Certificate


Our Score
The courtship of Prince William and Kate Middleton is turned into teen fantasy-style pap in this lightweight cash-in that struggles to combine humour with drama. Marginally better than the same year's other small screen fictionalisation, William and Kate - the Movie, but a clunker nonetheless, it follows the pair from their first meeting at university to the Prince's marriage proposal. All the roles are horribly miscast and the performances stilted, with drippy lead actress Alice St Clair particularly awful opposite Dan Amboyer's William. As for the rest of the royal family, you only really know who they are because of heavy-handed dialogue and audio cues. Meanwhile, the eye-rolling cheesiness of both the script and direction ensures even supposedly key moments lack impact. Co-writer/director Linda Yellen tries to add emotion by having William take advice from a video interview with his late mother, Princess Diana, however it's an ineffective contrivance in a sea of fakery.


A dramatised account of the courtship of Prince William and his St Andrews sweetheart Catherine Middleton. Picking up the story at a pivotal moment in their romance, the film follows William as he heeds advice from his mother, the late Princess Diana, which she bestowed in an interview before her death in 1997. Drama, starring Dan Amboyer and Alice St Clair.

Cast & Crew

HRH Prince William Dan Amboyer
Kate Middleton Alice St Clair
HM Queen Elizabeth II Jane Alexander
HRH Prince Charles Victor Garber
Camilla Jean Smart
HRH Princess Diana Lesley Harcourt
Director Linda Yellen
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColour