The Nightmare Nanny

The Nightmare Nanny

Michael Feifer (2013)

12 Certificate


Our Score
The psycho nanny subgenre gets another feeble TV-movie addition, as a newly hired help (played by Mekenna Melvin) becomes increasingly obsessed with her three-year-old charge. Unfortunately for viewers, this results in lots of bland scenes of devoted childcare, punctuated by annoying mum Ashley Scott's jealous moaning - and almost immediate suspicions - over how well her pretty employee does her job. It's all extremely slight and tension free, with only the sinister soundtrack and some exaggerated "unstable" facial expressions from Melvin to remind us that this is supposed to be a thriller. Even the obligatory removal of human obstacles occurs off screen: an attempt to create mystery that merely emphasises the incompetence of this gaffe-filled feature. When the predictable happens and the youngster goes missing, events are neither urgent nor exciting, while the repeat flashbacks to Melvin's tragic past mean we actually feel more sympathy for her than the unconvincing parents.


A woman reluctantly hires a live-in nanny to look after her three-year-old daughter so she can return to work, but fears the child is growing closer to her minder than her mother. Her paranoia seems justified when the girl disappears without trace, and she uncovers the terrible truth about the stranger she allowed into her home. Thriller, starring Ashley Scott and Mekenna Melvin.

Cast & Crew

Annie Ashley Scott
Amber Mekenna Melvin
Ben Kip Pardue
Jake Nathan Parsons
Elise Stacy Haiduk
Julie Palmer Ana Lucasey
Det Rodriguez Philip Anthony-Rodriguez
Jill Shelby Janes
Director Michael Feifer
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Edited for violence and language.