The Wonderful Country

The Wonderful Country

Robert Parrish (1959)

U Certificate


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Westerns usually offer positive leading men with a purpose, but here Robert Mitchum is a very passive figure as the gunman for hire, an American who has adopted Mexican ways, slowly learning on which side of the Rio Grande he really belongs. Made by the star's own production company, this introspective journey of discovery has little conventional action (a broken leg sidelines Mitchum for quite a while) but presents an absorbing range of well-detailed characters that are far from the usual western stereotypes. Deftly scripted by Robert Ardrey from the novel by Tom Lea (who appears briefly as the barber), it is slow but ultimately most rewarding, and always superbly photographed.


A solitary gunman lies low for years in Mexico hiding out from the American authorities, until circumstances force him to return to the US - where he reluctantly agrees to take on dangerous work with a team of Texas Rangers patrolling the border. Western, starring Robert Mitchum, Julie London, Pedro Armendariz and Jack Oakie.

Cast & Crew

Martin Brady Robert Mitchum
Helen Colton Julie London
Governor Cipriano Castro Pedro Armendariz
Travis Hyte Jack Oakie
Maj Stark Colton Gary Merrill
Capt Rucker Albert Dekker
Gen Castro Victor Manuel Mendoza
Dr Herbert J Stovall Charles McGraw
Director Robert Parrish
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: United Artists Corp. Ltd