The Cat from Outer Space

The Cat from Outer Space

Norman Tokar (1978)

U Certificate


Our Score
In this harmless Disney matinée fodder, an alien cat crash-lands on Earth and calls on human dexterity to repair its disabled spacecraft so it can rejoin the mothership. Startling similarities to ET (still four years in the future) add an unforeseen layer of entertainment value to a bland package that could have done with a bit of Spielberg magic. Apart from the cat's "wonder collar" that levitates people and places them in suspended animation, plus some climactic daredevil stuntwork, it's a pretty uninspired juvenile romp.


A UFO crash-lands on Earth and its only occupant is an alien cat whose collar gives him strange powers, including the ability to communicate telepathically with humans. This turns out to be a useful skill when he is forced to enlist help to get his spaceship back after the US government seizes it. Disney sci-fi comedy, with Roddy McDowall and Sandy Duncan.

Cast & Crew

Dr Liz Bartlett Sandy Duncan
Stallwood Roddy McDowall
Gen Stilton Harry Morgan
Dr Frank Wilson Ken Berry
Dr Carl Link McLean Stevenson
Earnest Ernie Jesse White
Dr Wenger Alan Young
Dr Heffel Hans Conried
Director Norman Tokar
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: The Walt Disney Company LtdAvailable on: video and DVD
Drama Comedy