Stolen Innocence

Stolen Innocence

Neill Fearnley (2007)

PG Certificate


Our Score
In this routine crime tale, Jeepers Creepers star Gina Philips plays an unmarried career woman who suffers escalating torment when she gives birth to an apparently stillborn baby. Suspected of infanticide, she teams up with the child's father (Warren Christie) to clear her name. But their resulting amateur detective work comes together far too easily, making the film feel rushed and contrived. Most damaging, however, is the lack of dramatic intensity, as pedestrian direction and unconvincing performances - especially from Philips - dilute the in-built poignancy of the "parents' worst nightmare" scenario. Against-the-clock tension in the last third keeps things watchable, though even that could have been done better.


A woman is rushed to hospital after giving birth to a still-born girl, only to be accused by the police of murdering the child. Demanding to see the midwife who was treating her at home, she discovers the woman was an imposter and is certain her baby has been kidnapped. Thriller, starring Gina Philips, Ellie Harvie and Anna Galvin.

Cast & Crew

Jenna Davis Gina Philips
Lynn Mallory Ellie Harvie
Dana Hoch Anna Galvin
Tom Robbins Warren Christie
Dolan Severs Jay Brazeau
Det Reese Peter Bryant
Dale Pendergast Wanda Cannon
Maggie Carter Nathalie Therriault
Director Neill Fearnley
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColour