Sealed Cargo

Sealed Cargo

Alfred Werker (1951)

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In this Second World War adventure, Dana Andrews plays a Newfoundland fisherman who comes across a sailing ship with its hold full of guns, bombs and torpedoes. Manned by Nazis in disguise, led by the urbane but miscast Claude Rains, it's actually the mother ship for a German U-boat invasion of the USA. Andrews sports sideburns and has Carla Balenda as his leading lady, but neither makes this film any more convincing. Despite director Alfred Werker's dab hand at the action sequences, this is a long haul with few exciting moments to relieve the tedium.


A kindly Newfoundland fisherman comes across a stranded boat and agrees to help tow it to shore - unaware he is being drawn into a Nazi U-boat invasion plan, and that the damaged vessel is carrying weapons for the German submarines. Second World War drama, starring Dana Andrews, Claude Rains, Carla Balenda and Philip Dorn.

Cast & Crew

Pat Bannon Dana Andrews
Margaret McLean Carla Balenda
Skalder Claude Rains
Conrad Philip Dorn
McLean Onslow Stevens
Steve Skip Homeier
Holger Eric Feldary
Skipper JM Kerrigan
Caleb Morgan Farley
Dolan Arthur Shields
Director Alfred Werker
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: R.K.O. Radio Pictures Ltd