Berlin Express

Berlin Express

Jacques Tourneur (1948)

PG Certificate


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The nondescript title hides a really tense suspense tale from talented cult director Jacques Tourneur, in his film noir period before he hit his swashbuckling stride with The Flame and the Arrow and Anne of the Indies. Paul Lukas plays a suave German democrat who's kidnapped by an underground group of Nazis opposed to the unification of their country. Merle Oberon and the impressive Robert Ryan star as the fellow travellers who become involved in the plot. The Nazis are strictly clichéd, but the view of postwar Germany rings very true - the film was shot in the bombed-out ruins of Frankfurt and Berlin - and Tourneur keeps up the tension throughout.


A mismatched group of European train passengers tries to rescue a German statesman kidnapped by the Nazi underground during a long journey on a military train. Thriller, starring Merle Oberon, Robert Ryan and Charles Korvin.

Cast & Crew

Lucienne Mirbeau Merle Oberon
Robert Lindley Robert Ryan
Henri Perrot Charles Korvin
Dr Heinrich Bernhardt Paul Lukas
James Sterling Robert Coote
Johann Walther Reinhold Schunzel
Lt Maxim Roman Toporow
Hans Schmidt Peter Von Zerneck
Director Jacques Tourneur
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Other Information

Language: English / German / French / RussianBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: R.K.O. Radio Pictures Ltd