Bob Misiorowski (2002)

15 Certificate
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Age does cruel things to an action hero. Not only does it reduce his ability to perform the high-octane stunts that once made him famous, but it also causes the budgetary cutbacks that further expose his physical and dramatic limitations. Without a Ringo Lam or Tsui Hark to direct him, Jean-Claude Van Damme is left looking musclebound and leaden here, as his Nato agent tries to prevent Tomas Arana's terrorists from stealing a top-secret bio-weapon from glamorous thief Laura Elena Harring. There's nothing new about the train-board premise, and the dialogue and special effects are lamentable even for a direct-to-video offering.


A secret agent teams up with a cat burglar to stop terrorists stealing a deadly virus being transported on a high-speed train. However, the situation becomes more fraught when the hero discovers his family is also on board. Action adventure, starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, Laura Elena Harring, Tomas Arana and Van Damme's real-life son, Kristopher Van Varenberg.

Cast & Crew

Jacques Kristoff Jean-Claude Van Damme
Dr Galina Konstantin Laura Elena Harring
Mason Cole Tomas Arana
Ethan Kristoff Kristopher Van Varenberg
Natasha Lucy Jenner
Madeline Kristoff Susan Gibney
Bailey Kristoff Jessica Bowman
Angus Riley Binky van Bilderbeek
Director Bob Misiorowski
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Other Information

Language: English / GermanColourGuidance: Violence and swearing. Available on: video and DVD