Carry On Constable

Carry On Constable

Gerald Thomas (1960)

U Certificate


Our Score
The fourth in the Carry On series is the first to feature the excellent Sid James, who stars here as the sergeant detailed to wet-nurse rookies Kenneth Williams, Leslie Phillips, Charles Hawtrey and Kenneth Connor. Having studied the policeman's lot at Slough, screenwriter Norman Hudis confessed he could find nothing funny about pounding the beat, but he still turned in a chucklesome script. The bungling bobbies have their moments, notably when Williams and Hawtrey don skirts to trap some shoplifters, but their thunder is stolen by seasoned supports Joan Hickson, Irene Handl and Esma Cannon, who play their usual eccentrics.


A flu epidemic leaves a police station short of staff, forcing a desperate inspector to send four bungling trainees on the beat. The inept would-be bobbies manage to increase the crime rate even before they have started work, and their long-suffering sergeant faces an uphill battle to whip them into shape. Comedy, starring Sid James, Kenneth Williams, Kenneth Connor, Charles Hawtrey and Joan Sims.

Cast & Crew

Sgt Frank Wilkins Sid James
Constable Benson Kenneth Williams
Constable Charlie Constable Kenneth Connor
Special Constable Gorse Charles Hawtrey
WPC Gloria Passworthy Joan Sims
Sgt Laura Moon Hattie Jacques
PC Tom Potter Leslie Phillips
Inspector Mills Eric Barker
Director Gerald Thomas
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Anglo AmalgamatedAvailable on: video and DVD