22 Jump Street

22 Jump Street

Phil Lord (2014)

15 Certificate


Our Score
Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill return for duty in this sequel to the 2012 cop comedy 21 Jump Street. The big surprise here is that the partnership has lost none of its charm and, arguably, this outing is even funnier than the first. Here the duo is sent to college by their hilariously hot-headed police captain (Ice Cube), who now issues orders from his very own glass "ice cube" across the street from number 21 because his department now has a bigger budget to work with. Directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller treat all those familiar elements of action sequels with a knowing wink, which might be overbearing were it not for Tatum and Hill, who send themselves up mercilessly. They're under cover to identify a drug dealer with links to kingpin Peter Stormare, but when Tatum gets pally with a suspect (football jock Wyatt Russell), Hill descends into jealousy and angst. Thankfully, the two leads are never apart for too long because, explosive stunts aside, it's the chemistry between the guys that really sets the screen alight.


Undercover cops Schmidt and Jenko are sent on a new assignment at a university. When one joins the college American football team and the other falls in with a crowd of Bohemian artists, loyalty to their new cliques puts a strain on their friendship. Crime comedy, starring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum.

Cast & Crew

Schmidt Jonah Hill
Jenko Channing Tatum
The Ghost Peter Stormare
Zook Wyatt Russell
Maya Amber Stevens
Mercedes Jillian Bell
Capt Dickson Ice Cube
Deputy Chief Hardy Nick Offerman
Director Phil Lord
Director Christopher Miller
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Sony
Comedy Drama