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Betty Thomas (2002)

12 Certificate


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This routine reworking of the 1960s Robert Culp/Bill Cosby TV espionage series has US secret agent Alex Scott (Owen Wilson) going undercover as the assistant to boxing champion Kelly Robinson (Eddie Murphy). Scott uses Robinson to get close to a billionaire industrialist (Malcolm McDowell), who is intent on selling an invisible plane to the highest bidder. The laid-back Wilson and the motormouthed Murphy have an engaging on-screen chemistry - the movie is at its best during their obviously improvised bouts of bickering - and there is some fun spy gadgetry on display. However, the likeable twosome are sold short by witless writing, predictable plotting and bog-standard action sequences that fail to spark this action comedy into any sort of life.


A hapless spy is assigned to track down an underground arms dealer who has stolen a prototype jet fighter. His superiors decide the best way for him to get close to his target is to pose as an assistant to an egotistical boxing champion, who revels at the chance to become a secret agent. Spy comedy based on the 1960s TV series, starring Eddie Murphy, Owen Wilson, Famke Janssen and Malcolm McDowell.

Cast & Crew

Kelly Robinson Eddie Murphy
Alex Scott Owen Wilson
Rachel Famke Janssen
Gundars Malcolm McDowell
Carlos Gary Cole
Jerry Phill Lewis
TJ Viv Leacock
Lunchbox Keith Dallas
Director Betty Thomas
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Columbia TriStarGuidance: Violence and swearing.Available on: video and DVD
Comedy Drama