The Apartment

The Apartment

Billy Wilder (1960)

PG Certificate


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This classic from Billy Wilder sees Jack Lemmon's put-upon, snuffling insurance clerk CC Baxter basically offer his apartment to his superiors so that they can indulge in extramarital trysts. That he does it in return for promotions that never come makes "Buddy Boy" Baxter a sad case indeed. But Wilder cleverly veils the plot's darker side and operates the movie as a light romantic comedy. He is helped immensely by Lemmon's skilled performance, which instantly earns our sympathy, and his character's redemption comes when Shirley MacLaine's elevator girl - mistress of unscrupulous boss Fred MacMurray - gets in a fix and he comes to her aid. From such potentially edgy material Wilder and co-writer IAL Diamond sculpt an unforgettable romance that won five Oscars, including best picture, direction and screenplay.


A lowly insurance clerk tries to curry favour with his seedy manager by lending him his flat for his extramarital flings. But the clerk soon grows wise to the nastiness of corporate ethics and infidelity when his heartless boss seduces the elevator girl, whom he has always loved from afar. Oscar-winning comedy drama, directed by Billy Wilder and starring Jack Lemmon, Fred MacMurray and Shirley MacLaine.

Cast & Crew

CC Baxter Jack Lemmon
Fran Kubelik Shirley MacLaine
JD Sheldrake Fred MacMurray
Mr Dobisch Ray Walston
Mr Kirkeby David Lewis
Dr Dreyfuss Jack Kruschen
Sylvia Joan Shawlee
Miss Olsen Edie Adams
Director Billy Wilder
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Park CircusAvailable on: video, DVD and Blu-ray