Street Fighter

Street Fighter

Steven E de Souza (1994)

12 Certificate
Thursday 1:25am - 3:10am Sky Cinema Action


Our Score
Jean-Claude Van Damme and Kylie Minogue team up for a movie adaptation of the popular video game. If that unlikely pairing isn't enough to put you off, try the simple-minded plot, which concerns an Allied Nations assignment to overthrow General Bison (Raul Julia in his last role), the dictator of a mythical Asian territory. Despite some neat production design - the camouflage costumes are particularly natty - there's very little to get excited about in this laughably bad action adventure.


A military officer goes in search of a power-mad general who is holding several hostages in a secret location. He soon finds he is not the only one on the maniac's trail, and joins forced with a mismatched band of martial artists to save the captives. Action adventure based on the video game, starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, Raul Julia, Kylie Minogue and Ming-Na Wen.

Cast & Crew

Col William F Guile Jean-Claude Van Damme
Bison Raul Julia
Cammy Kylie Minogue
Chun-Li Ming-Na Wen
Ken Damian Chapa
Dhalsim Roshan Seth
Sagat Wes Studi
Ryu Byron Mann
Director Steven E de Souza
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Edited for language and violence. Available on: video, DVD and Blu-ray