Hotel Reserve

Hotel Reserve

Lance Comfort (1944)

U Certificate


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Jointly directed by Victor Hanbury, Lance Comfort and Max Greene, this subdued thriller, set just before the Second World War, is lifted by James Mason's performance as a "wronged man", in this case a refugee accused of being a spy. The plot has enough suspense and intrigue built in, but this movie only fitfully comes to life as Mason sets out discover who the real villain is among a cast that includes Herbert Lom and Patricia Medina.


An Austrian medical student is accused of spying while holidaying in pre-Second World War France and strives to prove his innocence to the sceptical authorities. But they refuse to believe that his snaps of military installations were an accidental by-product of his love of wildlife photography, leaving him facing the prospect of the death sentence. Espionage thriller, starring James Mason, Lucie Mannheim, Raymond Lovell and Julien Mitchell.

Cast & Crew

Peter Vadassy James Mason
Suzanne Koche Lucie Mannheim
Robert Duclos Raymond Lovell
Monsieur Beghin Julien Mitchell
Mary Skelton Clare Hamilton
Emil Schimler Martin Miller
Andre Roux Herbert Lom
Emil Schimler Frederick Valk
The chemist Ivor Barnard
Warren Skelton Valentine Dyall
Jacqueline Patricia Hayes
Henri Asticot David Ward
Odette Roux Patricia Medina
Director Lance Comfort
Director Max Greene
Director Victor Hanbury
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: R.K.O. Radio Pictures Ltd