Miami Magma

Miami Magma

Todor Chapkanov (2011)

PG Certificate
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A volcanologist discovers an illegal oil-drilling operation has tapped into a dormant volcano and tries to get the rig shut down before it causes a devastating eruption - but the company responsible is determined to cover up the danger. Disaster thriller, starring Rachel Hunter, Brad Dourif and Melissa Ordway.

Cast & Crew

Antoinette Vitrini Rachel Hunter
Jacob Capilla Brad Dourif
Emily Vitrini Melissa Ordway
Gray Jackson Cleavant Derricks
Butch Sanderson Miles Doleac
Dr Brad Turner JD Evermore
Mayor Alvarez Hector Machado
Police Chief Michaels Bryan Massey
Director Todor Chapkanov
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColour