US Marshals

US Marshals

Stuart Baird (1998)

15 Certificate
Sat 1 Feb 9pm - 11:40pm TCM Movies


Our Score
This is not so much a belated sequel to The Fugitive as a rehash, with Tommy Lee Jones reprising his Oscar-winning role as US Marshal Samuel Gerard. In place of Harrison Ford we have Wesley Snipes, and in place of a murdered wife we have a corkscrew plot about the CIA. Former editor Stuart Baird keeps the action rolling along in a rather monotonous manner and characterisation is limited to the odd one-liner before the next big bang. It wasn't the hit everyone clearly expected, but die-hard fans of mindless action won't be bored.


A federal marshal sets out in pursuit of an escaped prisoner who is determined to prove his murder conviction was false. As the chase progresses, the marshal is forced to work with a diplomatic security agent, making him realise the fugitive is no ordinary convict and that his claims of innocence may be true. Thriller sequel, starring Tommy Lee Jones reprising his Oscar-winning role from The Fugitive, alongside Wesley Snipes and Robert Downey Jr.

Cast & Crew

Chief Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard Tommy Lee Jones
Mark Sheridan Wesley Snipes
John Royce Robert Downey Jr
Walsh Kate Nelligan
Cosmo Renfro Joe Pantoliano
Newman Tom Wood
Biggs Daniel Roebuck
Cooper LaTanya Richardson
Director Stuart Baird
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: May be edited for violence and swearing. Available on: video and DVD