Once upon a Time in Mexico

Once upon a Time in Mexico

Robert Rodriguez (2003)

15 Certificate


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While you can see why director Robert Rodriguez might want to remake his 1992 ultra-low-budget debut El Mariachi as Desperado (1995) to take advantage of a studio-sized budget, remaking it yet again would seem to indicate that he's stuck in a groove. But that's almost exactly what he's done in this third outing, which again stars Antonio Banderas as the wandering minstrel with an arsenal in his guitar case to take on evil drug lords. He's aided and abetted this time by an unorthodox CIA agent (Johnny Depp), who's the most entertaining thing in the film, possibly because he's the only genuinely original element. The action is certainly spectacular and inventive - Rodriguez is one of the best editors of mayhem around - and Salma Hayek is suitably sultry, but you can't escape the feeling that you've seen it all before.


A crazed CIA agent based in Mexico learns of a conspiracy involving a drug baron and a military general to assassinate the president. He finds the perfect man to prevent the coup in the shape of a legendary gunslinger, who is seeking revenge on the general for murdering his wife. Action thriller, concluding Robert Rodriguez's El Mariachi trilogy, starring Antonio Banderas, Johnny Depp, Willem Dafoe, Mickey Rourke and Salma Hayek.

Cast & Crew

El Mariachi Antonio Banderas
Sands Johnny Depp
Barillo Willem Dafoe
Billy Chambers Mickey Rourke
Carolina Salma Hayek
Ajedrez Eva Mendes
Cucuy Danny Trejo
Lorenzo Enrique Iglesias
Director Robert Rodriguez
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Other Information

Language: English, Spanish +subtitlesColourTheatrical distributor: Buena VistaGuidance: Violence, edited for language.Available on: video and DVD